• Informed decisions for better process

Informed decisions for better process

PTM Consulting supports companies by providing solutions for the management of development projects, knowledge transfer, industrialization and optimization of product and process.

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PTM’s approach: to read project issues with new eyes. We use well-established tools and innovative methods, namely knowledge management, which is supported by Cymapp®.

Integrated Quality Risk Management
Integrated Quality Risk Management

Quality Risk Management from a simple operational instrument becomes a strategic tool to support decision-making processes.

Quality by Design
Quality by Design

The quality in the processes DNA: designing and conceiving the quality of the drug beginning from the early stages of development.

Technology Transfer Accelerator
Technology Transfer Accelerator

Knowledge transfer and management: not to disperse important product and process information.

Quality and GMP Support
Quality and GMP Support

Management and optimization of the product and process life-cycle from a continuous improvement perspective.

Data Integrity & Computer System Validation
Data Integrity & Computer System Validation

Operational flow and data mapping for Integrated Quality Risk Management (IQRM) risk analysis.

Medical Device & Combination Products
Medical Device & Combination Products

Ensure Safety and Performance: a quality-based approach in the pharma field, which considers all the aspects of product design.

For 20 years we have been helping companies evaluate their processes

We provide the customer with tools to obtain information from the data they hold and to use it to improve quality and process development.

PTM supports the customer ensuring the achievement of the desired quality objectives. The methodological and technical approach includes a strong partnership between the owners of the reference business processes and the consultants who propose such methodology.

Who We are
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The consulting services that PTM offers can be applied in different areas and refined to the individual needs of each customer

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Training Services

PTM Academy organizes customized training sessions for life science, food and packaging companies
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  • Expert Consultants

    In 20 years of activity PTM has build its highly specialized approach able to respond to the diversified needs of companies.

  • Knowledge development

    The courses are proposed as a tool for knowledge and innovation development in order to optimize an integrated business know-how.

  • Customized pathway

    The consolidated experience allows PTM to design and propose consulting courses tailored to every market need.

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